About Us

Do you have any stories about trees? Interesting, exciting or boring? A doodle, a sketch or a scribble?

This is the ideal forum to get inspired and go out there and sketch some trees. It’s easier than you think. Why not give it a try?

Email us at treetrunkbangalore@gmail.com with your doodle/story and we’ll upload it on our blog to share with the world!

This blog is a collective initiative of 6 students of Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, a college located in Bangalore, India.
As a part of one of our courses that involves gathering information on Bangalore’s trees ( something the city is well known for), we started curating the ideas and thoughts we had collected (on several historical anecdotes and personal stories). This curation activity took the form of individual journals that each of us  maintain.

This blog contains pages from our journals that have been arranged in different categories based on the interests of our online audience.

Just as we have gotten interested in both journaling and trees ( as well as journaling trees!) we would love to inspire you to contribute and share pages from your journals. As for those of you who are new to the concept of journaling ( as were some of us), fear not! We have been inspired by blogs that we have visited! In fact, it was the reason we started a blog- to inspire others like us and share the outcome of this inspiration (hopefully in journal form).

To reiterate, this blog is open-source! Please share things from your journal that are related to trees and the city you live in. We would love to look at your journals, because they are very personal as well as personalized.



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